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Parent-Teacher Association

The Qatar Academy Parent teacher Association (QAD PTA) exists to advance the education and all-around development of QA students by:

Parents and legal guardians of all Qatar Academy pupils and all Qatar Academy teachers are automatically members of the Association. All parents and teachers are encouraged to be involved with the PTA and to help with the activities.

PTA Members

Dr Sheyma Al-Romaihi - President
Ms Nawal Al-Sulaiti - Vice President
Ms Sozan Zaghmout- Faculty PTA member
Mr Oliver Blundell - Teacher PTA member
Ms Susan Cooper- ~Teacher PTA member
Ms Aida Mustafawi- Parent PTA member
Ms Laila Al- Moadadi - Parent PTA member

PTA Roles and Responsibilities

• Support the school
• Foster the relationship parents and the school
• To establish a forum through which parents and teachers can share their opinions concerns and celebrations regarding the school
• To help plan and support school programmes and events throughout the year
• `to collaborate with other PTA’s

PTA will be working all through the academic year to fulfill their goals
• Empower Cultural and Religious Identity
• Teacher appreciation
• International Week
• Health and Wellness
• Building Bridges between communities, faculty and parents
• Arabic language
• Facilitating Resources for the Arts
• Read-a-thon
• Initiating PTA newsletter bi monthly
• Monthly PTA parent meetings
• QAD instagram using social media to showcase events

The PTA has worked very hard with a small group of people to make these events happen without a doubt as a teacher at the school the highlight for me was International Week where the school became a world, where we celebrated and enjoyed other countries and cultures from around the world. All children were issued with passports that they could get stamped when they visited other classes. The final day with the parade, singers and dancers was a true spectacle that was enjoyed by all. We truly became internationally minded. We look forward to this being even bigger and better next year.


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