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Community & Service Activities

The Qatar Academy extra and co-curricular activities programme offers quality opportunities for each student to develop the skills and mindset needed to become an active and contributing member of both our local and global community. The activities program seeks to develop the whole child, and to foster empathy, tolerance, action-oriented service, and healthy lifestyles in its participants. The activities program provides students with leadership and personal growth opportunities.

Our activity options feature a World leading MUN programme which runs an intense schedule of conferences and event fixtures throughout the year, the highlight event is hosting the THIMUN Qatar in late January.

Here is an example of our experiential learning activities that will be delivered this school year;

• New Student Orientation
• MUN Festival Administrative Assistant
• QMUN Administrative Assistant
• QMUN Press Crew
• Eid Al Adha Suitcase
• Orphans Club
• Terry Fox Run
• Quran Memorization
• Concert Bands
• Botball
• Community & Service Leadership
• Workers Appreciation
• MUN Action
• Spanish Club
• Art Club
• Get to Live Islam
• Destination Imagination
• School of Rock
• Clothing Drive
• Middle School MUN
• Debate Club
• Sports & Event Volunteers
• Student Sports Council
• Student Council
• Drama Club
• Qatar Culture Club
• Our Place, Our Community
• Quran Memorization
• Promoting Moral Values in the School
• World Robot Olympiad-Lego
• QAD Beginners/ Intermediate Band
• QAD Action
• Music helpers
• Orchestra
• QAD NESAC / Jazz Advanced Band
• Qatar History
• Entrepreneurs Club
• High School Theatre Production

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