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Qatar Academy (QA) is part of the Qatar Private Primary Schools Sports Association (QPPSSA), which consists of  30 schools in Qatar. QPPSSA is dedicated to designing, implementing and promoting quality sports events and activities through an inter-school program to its member schools and student participants. The goals of QPPSSA are as follows:

QA is fortunate to have passionate teachers who also coach the sports teams.
Try-outs are held to determine who will be on the teams. Parents and students are notified about team try-outs via their class blog page.

This year Qatar Academy will be competing in the following events:

Semester 1


Girls Football (Grade 4&5)

Girls Football (grade 2&3)

Boys Football (Grade 4&5)

Boys Football (Grade 2&3)

Cross Country (Grade 2-5 mixed)

Girls Netball (Grade 4&5)

Rounders (Grade 4&5 mixed)



Semester 2


Outdoor Athletics (Grade 2&3 mixed)

Outdoor Athletics (Grade 4&5 mixed)

Tag Rugby (Grade 4&5)

Cricket (Grade 4&5 mixed)

Girls Basketball (Grade 2&3)

Girls Basketball (Grade 4&5)

Boys Basketball (Grade 2&3)

Boys Basketball Grade 4&5)

Swim Gala (Grade 2-5 girls)

Swim Gala (Grade 2-5 boys)

Swim Gala (KG & Grade 1)

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