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Primary School Principal

I am very happy to welcome parents and new families to the Primary School at Qatar Academy. My role is leader of the Early Childhood Centres and Primary School. We have more than 1100 hundred students to care for. Luckily I have a great leadership team with Ms Joanna Mathison, Ms Jo Ellis and Mr Matthew Dyer as Assistant Principals.

I am an Australian and have been working in international school around the world for  more than 20 years. I have worked as a principal in the first schools that were authorized to run the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, the PYP. I am very happy with how the PYP has developed and adapted to incorporate the best research based pedagogical practices. From my perspective the PYP is based on “best practice” of various international and national education systems. QAD has worked hard over recent years to make this integrated program engaging, dynamic, relevant and fun for our young learners.

I hope your children will enjoy their learning at QAD and I hope that as parents you will feel confident that your child is being individually catered for.
Please feel free to drop in to my office

Paul Neary
Qatar Academy Doha - Primary school Principal

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