Primary School

Qatar Academy Doha Primary is an exciting place. We have developed a reputation as being a progressive school where high expectations, being challenged, taking risks and being responsible are parts of learning. We have high standards and expect students to have a strong desire to learn. We are a PYP Curriculum school, which focuses on the development of the whole child and provides a framework that can meet a child’s academic, social, physical, emotional and cultural needs. It is an inquiry-based curriculum and lends itself to being integrated across all subject areas. Students take ownership of their learning and develop skills and attitudes to help prepare them for life beyond the classroom in a global world. The PYP caters for all the different kinds of learners in the classroom as there is literally something for everybody. 
A strong academic foundation is established through an inquiry-based approach to discovery and learning. At the heart of the programme is the IB Learner Profile and students develop their skills, knowledge and attitudes based around these key attributes.  The programme is built around concept-driven Units of Inquiry and students spend their week studying Arabic and Islamic Studies too.




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26 November 2020

Akhlaquna Award

Al Hanouf Al Emadi won the Akhlaquna Junior First Cycle Award